The evolution of the gaming world is worth glorifying and worth the hype. No doubt,many of us are still in the era of playing games on our smartphones, laptops, computers, etc. Leave the smartphones aside; there are some classic games that go back in time and used to be classics of that period. There were a lot of arcade games that came with those basic phones of that time, with no over-the-top functionality.

The most-hyped and widely liked game amongst every other game was the game of solitaire. People were quite fervent about the game and used to spend most of their leisure time playing it. Solitaire was available on your Windows operating system. The game has its own variants with different winning strategies and styles of playing. The ideal strategy and convention behind playing the game were the same, although there was a tricky twist in winning all of the game variants separately. The game is all about arranging the cards in the desired sequence, depending on the type of variant you are playing.

With the advancements in the world of gaming, like any other segment, there have been significant transitions and shifts here as well. On Windows, the game was made available on a number of online platforms. There is now an Android and Apple version of the game available.
 So, all you need to do is download and install the game and enjoy playing it.

On the other side of these latest evolutions and advancements, there is something called pokies. It is nothing but an exponential change in the gaming zone. There are actually slot machines in pokies where the format has been made a little bit enticing and alluring. The machines are readily available in casinos or other gaming zones. The setup offers an advanced layout for playing the games on big machines individually.

How do pokies differ from classic solitaire?

Solitaire, as most of you might already know, is a game that involves strategy, patience, and the proper steps to reach the end of the game. But the pokies are all about luck and proper timing; you just have to be lucky enough to win your slot. Mostly, you spin the wheels or move the handles in a desired direction and wish or pray that the wheel stops at a point that results in your win-game.

When you win a game of solitaire or achieve a high score, you feel good about yourself, but there’s no actual reward other than pride. However, if you’re lucky enough, you can actually win cash or other prizes when playing poki. Because pokies are random, you never know what will happen next, which makes them exciting. For those seeking enjoyment, they are extremely thrilling because of their randomness. Playing this game is not like playing solitaire, where your strategy is your only advantage.

Pokies can often be stress busters because it’s your choice whether you wish to play individually or in a group with other random people. So, randomness is everywhere in this game, and the uncertainty of this game makes it an ideal and famous choice for many game enthusiasts out there.


Pokies are available in a wide variety of themes and styles, so there’s something for everyone. There’s a pokie out there for every kind of player, be it fantasy, adventure, or something entirely else. Playing pokies is also incredibly exciting due to the bright graphics, unique animations, and realistic sounds. Compared to conventional solitaire games, the poki experience is far more engaging thanks to these features.

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